New Patient Information

  • Thank you for choosing to pursue an appointment at SeniorCare.   In order to provide the best experience during your visit, we ask that you please take the time necessary to thoroughly complete the enclosed Health Assessment Form and Patient Information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age group do you serve?

SeniorCare is a practice designed to meet the individual needs of older adults.  We strive to prevent disease from occurring, slow further problems associated with progression of chronic diseases already present, and assist in the maintenance of function and independence for as long as possible.   Our SeniorCare practice is designed to treat patients 65 and older.

What insurances do you accept?

SeniorCare accepts most insurances.  The majority of our patients have Medicare or some form of Medicare Advantage plan.  We have contracts with HealthSpring, Secure Horizons, VIVA, and most other programs and insurances.   It is your responsibility to inform your plan that you will be changing your primary care provider prior to your first appointment.  Failure to do so may leave you responsible for the bill for your visit.

What are your office hours?

Our clinic on Lakeshore Drive is open Monday through Thursday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.  On Fridays we are open 8: am – 12:00 pm.  Urgent and emergent patients are often seen the same day; however, we ask that you call as early as possible to arrange an appointment.  Problems that occur when the clinic is closed and cannot wait until the next business hours are handled through our on-call service.  Please recognize that if you should need and urgent or emergent visits you may be required to see a practitioner other than your primary practitioner.

At what hospitals do you see patients?

Dr. Roller admits and attends only to Concierge at home patients in the hospital.

At what senior care communities do you see patients?

We have clinics or deliver services at the following locations throughout Birmingham for those residents at these communities: Somerby 119,  The Oaks on Parkwood, Brookdale University Park, River Highlands, Morningside of Vestavia Hills, and at home through Concierge at home.   We are adding new communities frequently so keep checking back.

Do I need to get my old records to be seen as a new patient?

Yes.   If you have the opportunity to obtain a copy of your old records prior to the visit,  please do so and bring them with you to the appointment.  Otherwise, we will be happy to request them following your initial visit.  This will require your signature on the Release of Information form enclosed.

What services are available at SeniorCare?

Routine laboratory tests, Coumadin monitoring, EKG and x-ray are available on site.  We refer our patients out for other tests and procedures such as mammograms, CT Scans, etc.  We have a referral group of preferred specialists who we think provide outstanding care for the elderly, however, we are not limited in our referrals to these providers only (unless a patient’s insurance limits the referral network).  

For Medicare patients SeniorCare offers Care Management (CCM)

 Care Management, CCM, is for patients suffering from two or more chronic conditions. This service is paid for by Medicare to your primary physician. Your primary physician oversees your overall Plan of Care using NavCare, a dedicated care team of healthcare professionals. This access provides the following:
  • 24/7/365 Access to Nurse Advice
  • On-Call & After Hours Triage with RNs
  • Call-Back and Wellness Calls
  • Care Coordination Center
  • Outcomes Management

With these services Pain Management is improved, Patient Satisfaction increased, Management of Disease is improved, Quality of Life increased, and Depression decreased.

Check list for initial visit

  •     Completed health assessment form
  •     Medications (pills and bottles)
  •     Old records if available
  •     Insurance cards / Medicare cards
  •     List of 2 or 3 most pressing problems
  •     Co-pay if applicable
  •     Called your insurance plan and informed them of your SeniorCare primary physician

        Concierge at home

  • Concierge at home brings the doctor to your door step
  • A single resource for patients and families through our Healthcare Advocate
  • Laboratory testing, Portable x-rays, Ultrasound, Audiology, Balance Testing and Rehabilitation
  • Physician admits and follows at area Hospitals for Concierge patients
  • Transitions of Care and Transitional Care Management
  • Certified Geriatric Care Management
  • Pharmacy reviews and Medication Management

 Concierge at home is a local team of medical professionals whose goal is to help homebound seniors remain independent throughout all stages of the aging process. Since needs change and can become more complex, we work with the elderly patients and their family members on an ongoing basis to create and implement a collaborative Care Plan. Our physician team led by Dr. Paul Roller will then coordinate, implement and oversee all aspects of the plan and its recommendations. For more information call our Concierge, Karon Brooks at 205-567-9594.