Fee for Services Not Medicare Covered

Fee for Services not Medicare Covered*

Due to the high costs of providing care to our patients coupled with the low or absent reimbursement from Medicare for services, we are now implementing a fee schedule for services not covered by Medicare. These services include completing forms, applications, letters and other paperwork, which require time and research by our staff and providers. This also includes family conferences when the patient is not present. In most cases, this paperwork will not be completed without prepayment for the services.

  • Plan of Care for Assisted Living or Nursing Home (not associated with office visit) $65
  • Long-term Care Insurance Physician’s Narrative $60
  • FMLA Form $60
  • VA Aid and Attendance Physical/narrative/MD Statement $60
  • VA Aid and Attendance Form $30
  • Letter of Disability $30
  • Letter regarding Mental Status/Competency $50
  • Copies of Records: $25.00 minimum / $.50 per page over 25 pages plus a Minimum $5 mail fee if applicable.
  • Other letters or forms, etc. (Depending on Detail Needed) $20 or $30
  • Family Conference without Patient (15 – 30 minutes) $75.00
  • Consult with Geriatric Care Manager- Certified/ $85.00  an hour
  • Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and added cost to you. You may want to inquire with your Long Term Care Insurance provider, Assisted Living or other party to try to recoup this cost.

    *These fees are current as of July 2016. Check with our staff for any changes.